1st Baltic Anthropology Graduate School, BAGs

11th – 12th December 2015, Tallinn University

Anthropological Solutions: Problem Based Research

How is anthropological knowledge substantiated across different fields (other than human sciences) and mediums (other than text)?

A lot of anthropology owes its roots to discovering problems, identifying discrepancies of power, and delimiting issues of exploitation. Often this seems enough. However, there is a concern that ethnographic knowledge remains on a descriptive level and does not often “speak back” to hegemony, which results in infrequent genuine challenges to hegemony. This Baltic Anthropology Graduate School event will provide a space to discuss ways in which anthropology can produce knowledge that speaks directly back to its empirical sources and offer quotidian as well as structural transformations. Fundamentally, this school concerns itself with going over the terms of anthropological knowledge and its applications.

This school will feature speakers, presentations and workshops that address different ways in which anthropological knowledge is applied in presenting solutions to real-life situations. The school will be formatted as a two day symposium. The first day will feature lectures by staff members associated to the BAGs programme. The second will day will be structured around a series of practise-based interactive workshop designed and moderated by doctoral candidates and researchers associated to Tallinn University. This event will be of interest to graduate researchers and research students interested in fieldwork, business anthropology, policy, as well as in the areas of design and the creative arts.

This event will provide the platform for the official inaugural launch of the Baltic Anthropology Graduate School.

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